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In 2010, Sweetdeal introduced the concept of "deal" as the very first on the market.

When Berlingske Media created Sweetdeal in August 2010, it was for one purpose; to provide the Danes with good offers in the form of, among other things, gourmet dinners, attractive experiences, wellness treatments, service reviews, weekend stays and hairdresser visits - for cheap money.


  • 100% control over Salesforce solution and no longer dependent on a major setup
  • Simplified setup, where only relevant functionality is transferred to the new environment
  • Some new customizations that support processes
  • Harvest the benefits that Salesforce LEX continuously provides access to.

When Sweetdeal was to become independent from Berlingske Media in 2019, they needed to be transitioned onto their own Salesforce solution.

In a few weeks, Sweetdeal needed to establish a new Salesforce platform. The platform was to be based on Berlingske’s Salesforce solution, which was built over several years and contained a lot of historical data.

Carsten Blom Hannsen, CEO of Sweetdeal says: "I was significantly challenged with a tight deadline and urgently needed a partner who could quickly oversee the task, be flexible and deliver on our needs."


Quick clarification and then we rolled up our sleeves

I was advised to contact Corpital, which is known for quickly visualising the outcome operationally. At our first meeting with the architect and our key people, we reviewed the task and analyzed how we should approach moving the data and establishing our own Salesforce platform.

The success criteria were actually quite simple: All Sweetdeal adjustments that were historically made had to be included in the new setup 1:1. Historical data also had to be migrated from Berlingske Media to Sweetdeal and finally the existing integrations had to continue as before.

Technical considerations to get to the finish line

In order to achieve the project goal, there was ongoing dialogue with Berlingske Media, especially in relation to identifying which data had to be migrated from their system to Sweetdeal. Furthermore, as part of the configuration, consideration had to factor in that Sweetdeal had previously worked in Salesforce Classic but now had to switch to Salesforce Lightning (LEX). This meant that the functionality had to change to be supported in LEX.

“Working with Corpital was a very positive process. The task became manageable by being broken down. We received advice and help in relation to the practical move - taking into account the complex architecture and integrations that were also involved ", says Carsten Blom Hannsen, CEO, Sweetdeal.

Sweetdeal also needed to have migrated relevant master data from their old Salesforce to their new version. Now the integration between Scrive and Magento continues as it did before - just into their new Salesforce instead.

Corpital worked closely with both our other suppliers, Scrive and Magento, to ensure that the migration went smoothly. It was a major exercise to ensure that the historical data, especially in Magento, was properly updated with new Salesforce IDs.

Despite a few challenges during the run-in period itself, Sweetdeal was fully operationally running on a platform where Salesforce also interacts with other applications - among others e-commerce platforms.

Sweetdeal has now switched to day-to-day operations and Corpital is handling new requests for the solution.

I felt in safe hands and we reached the finish line on time. I can wholeheartedly recommend Corpital as an implementation partner.

Carsten Blom Hannsen, CEO

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