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Apcoa Parking offers customer-friendly parking solutions and is represented in 15 countries.

They have 40 years of experience in the parking industry and service more than 1500 parking facilities in Denmark.



  • Quick implementation
  • Overview of sales
  • Better reporting

The parking company APCOA PARKING (formerly EuroPark) lost leads and customer information and needed a CRM system. was the chosen solution.

Kenneth Yde Nikolajsen, project manager, chose Salesforce because of its capabilities and flexibility. There was a need for a system that could provide an overview of customers and workflows. The most important thing was to get the basics in place so that everyone knew what activities were going on and who was in dialogue with whom etc. In the past this information was often lost when a salesperson left the organisation.


Why Salesforce?

Kenneth Yde Nikolajsen, Project Manager: ““We tested six different CRM systems and quickly selected Salesforce, partly because it has a standard setup that makes it easy to use, and partly because the system is so flexible that you can easily adapt it.”

The right Salesforce partner

After speaking with Salesforce in Ireland, Kenneth believed that there was an advantage in teaming up with Corpital because it was a smaller consulting firm. Corpital was very frank about the issues and provided a good solution to how things should be resolved. There was good chemistry between our teams and we had an open and honest relationship from the start.

A quick implementation

The implementation of Salesforce was fast - and that was the intention. “The agreement to have a basic setup in place pretty quickly so we could add customer data into the system. This was followed by adjusting and integrating with our other systems.

“The implementation phase took a month and went smoothly. Unfortunately, the integration with our ERP-system failed. Our data simply did not match. It was by no means Corpital's fault - but with joint help we found a solution that allows us to transfer data anyway."

"I was used to working in a different way, but the agile method is clearly a strength and has given me a much bigger overview of our sales operation." - Kenneth Yde Nikolajsen, Apcoa Parking

Good sparring and constant progress

Corpital's agile approach, where you develop in steps rather than working from a finished design proposal, was new to Kenneth. Talking about the collaboration with Corpital, he has been particularly pleased with the sparring and the degree of flexibility. “If I've needed help, Corpital has always been there. The level of knowledge has been excellent, and I have received answers to my queries quite quickly. The progress reporting and finances has also been satisfactory. There has not really been anything to put a finger on. Corpital has kept the momentum of the project going well, and delivered in line with what was agreed."

“We have generally got a better overview of our sales. The solution we have today means that we have control of the customer data and know how many sales opportunities we have. The sales team is incredibly happy that they now have an overview of their leads and can quickly generate reports. The system provides a better user experience too so our colleagues can easily and effectively plan their day."

Kenneth Yde Nikolajsen, Project Manager

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