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Companies are increasingly creating their own online communities for customers and partners with a focus on providing better support. The Communities provide companies with new ways to get in touch with leads and customers. It provides the opportunity to provide effective customer service, influence purchasing behavior and not least, build trust in the company, their products and services.

Customer Communities can for example be used for support, feedback and to create cases. A community can be open to all, closed or with access to profile-specific areas.

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Engage your customers
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Customize your experience to match your brand

  • Deliver first-class customer service through your Community by building a customized customer community that matches your internal processes
  • Your community can be integrated with data from other systems
  • Brand your Community and make your online presence completely unique for your customers and partners
  • Dashboards make it possible to measure, analyze and target activities in order to increase engagement.

Less support

A Community may result in a reduced amount of support calls and emails. Time is instead spent on maintaining and updating web pages as well as managing communities.


Help to selfhelp

Community Cloud can be used as a service offer and contain: FAQs, manuals, knowledge database with questions and answers as well as forums where you and your customers can communicate.


No coding

Scalable templates make coding unnecessary. Third-party and custom components make it easy to customize your Community to meet your company's unique needs.


Features that it makes good sense to implement:

  • Make frequently asked questions (FAQs) and knowledge bases available
  • Establish Online Stores
  • Tracking systems for orders
  • Modules for product configuration
  • Payment Approval Forms
  • User groups and forums
  • Self-service portals
  • Brand communities.


  • Customers are given the opportunity to find the information they need themselves
  • Customers can choose or put together a complex product, receive personalized offers and place an order
  • Incomplete orders are discovered and followed up with emails and special offers to close the sale
  • Customers are given the opportunity to track the status of their orders themselves and can receive timely notifications
  • With integrations, it is possible to automate an end-to-end flow: order placement, payment acceptance, document generation, delivery and feedback
  • Loyal customers get the opportunity to share their experience in groups on www and become your ambassadors
  • The time of the service department is used properly and costs for employees are reduced.

Features that it makes good sense to implement:

  • Material for onboarding partners
  • Pipeline tools that can be shared with partners
  • B2B orders
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Stock tracking
  • Partner assessment
  • News and announcements
  • Document generation.


  • Provides increased partner satisfaction and leads to more commitment and joint sales
  • It is easier to recruit partners and start them up
  • The partners receive the necessary material to be able to start the collaboration up efficiently and quickly
  • The common sales pipeline is stronger
  • Leads are properly classified and routed across partners for effective conversion
  • Partners are empowered to configure orders and placement mechanisms
  • Partners are given the opportunity to track the execution of their orders, and receive notifications of related events
  • Partners receive impact measurements on the collaboration via dynamic dashboards
  • Partners are given the opportunity to make a forecast of their promotional activities based on the available inventory
  • Partners are assessed and classified according to their performance to support the collaboration
  • Partners are given the opportunity to easily generate the necessary documents
  • All interactions are captured and tracked
  • The overall collaboration becomes more flexible and automated in necessary areas.

Features that it makes good sense to implement:

  • Onboarding of new employees
  • Personnel management tools
  • Tracking the life cycle of employees
  • Tools for involvement and commitment
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Support for your organization
  • Automation of HR applications
  • Business flow support tool.


  • It becomes easier and faster to train employees and their learning curve is shortened
  • Employees are better socialized in the workplace and thus their collaboration is improved
  • Teams become more motivated and committed to achieving shared success
  • It becomes easier to be at the forefront of trends, news and events
  • There will be reduced costs for personnel related processes.

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