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Sales Cloud – Optimize Sales and Services with CRM

Sales Cloud is the world’s leading CRM system which helps you to assess the potential of your sales pipeline and close sales faster and more efficiently. Sales Cloud is a fully customizable and scalable product that brings together all customer information into an integrated platform. The platform includes everything from marketing, lead generation sales and customer service to business analytics while providing access to thousands of applications through AppExchange at the same time. It enables you to strengthen sales opportunities, achieve greater customer satisfaction, build stronger relationships and increase collaboration across the organization. Sales Cloud increases efficiency and brings insight into your organization. You get an overview so you know what and where to optimize. The name says it all. Sales Cloud stores your data in the cloud, which means you can access it from anywhere in the world, at any time of day, and from any device. Sales data is only effective if it’s up-to-date and accessible, and that’s what Sales Cloud offers.

When goals and expectations are in place, your sales team is also in a position to win bids. Whether your growth strategy aims to capture new markets or additional sales to existing customers, Salesforce Sales Cloud is designed to handle these opportunities. The benefits are many – but we would like to emphasize:

  • You get streamlined and customized buying experiences for all your customers
  • You are able to build long-lasting and loyal relationships with your business partners
  • You are able to connect your teams (e.g. sales, marketing, finance, billing and service teams) through simple and user-friendly processes
  • Manual routines are eliminated and data exists in only one place.

Personalized Customer Journeys

Build long-lasting, loyal customers with every interaction. Connect sales, marketing, finance and service teams and guide every customer through a personal customer journey.

Adjust your strategy on-the-fly

Develop your sales strategy to decide whether you want to enter new industries or markets. Track team performance, sales performance and ongoing developments via dashboards and reports.

Work faster and smarter

Standardize processes, automate manual tasks and access data wherever you are – even offline. Boost your team’s results through fact-based insights, guidelines and forecasts.

Sales Cloud automates the sales process, and uses point-and-click tools to enhance and customize workflows. Using the Sales Path tool, sales managers can customize the stages and steps that reps will follow as they create and maintain records. It helps reps save time on administrative legwork and visualize what actions they need to take to move a prospect through the pipeline. For sales managers, it assures that records are being filled out correctly and that reps are completing the information most relevant to the managers’ needs.

Sales Cloud can be connected to Gmail, Exchange and Office 365 email clients, giving your reps the ability to instantly and seamlessly update Salesforce records with email data in just a couple of clicks. A powerful thing about Salesforce Sales Cloud is how it uses your sales data. It ranks your leads, helping you focus on the hottest opportunities and connecting them to the best possible rep, maximizing your odds of closing the deal.

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the best solution for companies of all sizes – it gathers sales data, automates workflows, connects teams and uses data to provide quotes. Sales Cloud is the best solution for companies of all sizes.

See what Salesforce Sales Cloud can offer your organization in the video to the left. You are also welcome to contact Corpital for an exploratory meeting, where we can discuss your options with Sales Cloud and how Corpital can help you optimize and streamline your sales processes. Read  much more about Sales Cloud on Salesforce’s website.

CPQ – Sales Optimization

CPQ (Configure – Price – Quote) is a sales optimization tool that automatically generates streamlined offers. This reduces time-consuming and manual processes when making offers. Offers are generated based on CPQ modeling. They ensure that product combinations, adjustments, quantity and discounts are taken into consideration. CPQ has a high Return on Investment (ROI) and is therefore a highly relevant tool for both large and small companies. The solution offers even more benefits if it is integrated with an ERP system and.

  • Generates quick and streamlined offers
  • Eliminates errors in offers, orders, contracts and invoices
  • Automates invoicing and accepts payments.

Pardot – Marketing Automation

Pardot allows marketing and sales teams to work together to find and care for customers, close more deals and maximize return on investment. Build your Sales Cloud pipeline using effective email marketing and reach out to your customers in a personalized way with a complete suite of B2B marketing tools:

  • Email marketing
  • Customized landing pages
  • Online marketing campaigns
  • Smarter lead capture forms.

Contact Management

Reports and Dashboards

Opportunity Management


Sales Prognoses

Customer references:

Cotes took control of their data and simplified their data structure. With a new simplified data structure, management has got a better overview of their pipeline and now has a CRM system that is being used. (DK only)

Sweetdeal got Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud in record time. We helped them migrate relevant master data from the old Salesforce system at Berlingske to their own Salesforce platform. (DK only)

Userneeds Salesforce Sales Cloud supports Userneeds’ business from start to finish. (DK only)

MJK Xylem – Sales strategy was operationalized with Salesforce Sales Cloud. (DK only)

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