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Integration between Salesforce (CRM) and Dynamics 365 Business Central (ERP)

Corpital are specialists in (CRM) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (ERP) and integration between the two systems. We provide services in both business areas and have a deep understanding of the technology, processes and issues related to both the ERP and CRM.

An integration can work one-way, ie where one part sends data to the other, but typically value creation is greatest through two-way synchronization, where data changes and additions flow freely between two systems (ERP and CRM).

To ensure simplification of digital workflows and ‘one data truth’ between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Salesforce, an integration tool is needed.

Corpital has experience with several integration tools, but we would like to highlight:

NAVlink: A product developed by Corpital and certified by Microsoft. NAVlink captures, processes, and synchronizes data between Salesforce and Dynamics 365 Business Central. By installing NAVlink you get more value from your systems, as the product is fully integrated into Business Central and as something completely unique has access to all the business logic.

RapidiOnline: Rapidi provides a standard integration tool. RapidiOnline integrates into many systems and has a number of pre-configured templates that is easy to facilitate compared to some of the more demanded system integrations.

One data truth

Integration between the business-critical systems ensures that there are no gray zones. This will give everybody access to the same data, regardless of whether the tool is called ERP, CRM or BI.

Reduce manual work

By exchanging and using data across systems, you will avoid time-consuming duplication and to be forced to maintain the same type of data in several systems.

Let the data flow freely

When the systems are proper integrated the data can flow freely. Data is only at one place. Mistakes are significantly reduced which ensures the data validity throughout the company.

Integration mellem Salesforce (CRM) og Dynamics 365 Business Central (ERP)

Integration benefits

Connect data and get the best of both worlds:

  • Avoid double work
  • Tie data together and reduce manual work
  • Exchange data across systems and get an overview of the business
  • Get all relevant data automatically no matter what function you are in
  • Appear more professional
  • Save time
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increase discipline on data registration.

Clean the data before integration

A prerequisite for data integration between Salesforce and Dynamics 365 Business Central is to have a correct data foundation.

Before the data is integrated between the CRM or ERP system, we recommend you to perform a data wash.

Corpital can help you with the data to ensure that the sources are at a coherent and proper cleaned. This is an important process that can be time consuming.

Integration mellem Salesforce (CRM) og Dynamics 365 Business Central (ERP)

Bad data in = Bad data out

A prerequisite for any data integration is to have the correct data foundation. Before integrating data, we strongly recommend that you ensure that your data is of high quality.
If you load or integrate ‘bad’ data into your system, you will keep building on an unhealthy data foundation that can ultimately have major consequences in all aspects.
You can do a lot yourself, but getting the right structure is essential! To clean up and create a good foundation, data must be extracted, converted and cleaned into the correct data structure.

Clean your data before you integrate

A proper data wash ensures that you are working with correct and up-to-date data. All duplicates are removed and you will only have the last updated data on your customers. This provides you the best foundation for later use in the integration solution.

Corpital has in-depth knowledge of validation rules in both systems, which is usually one of the areas in which to keep “the tongue straight in the mouth”. Eg. an Account in Salesforce can be a contact but it can also be a debtor and / or a creditor in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Thus, they are treated differently in the two systems.

Why choose Corpital as your integrationpartner?

Corpital offers the implementation, upgrading, support and operation of as well as integration with other IT systems eg. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Navision). We take you from vision to operation.

Choose Corpital as a partner because of:

  • Our exceptional business understanding
  • The many years of experience with Salesforce across industries and IT systems
  • We think in whole solutions – before we think of IT.

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