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Business Central er en fremtidssikret ERP-løsning med en intuitiv

brugergrænseflade, som kan tilpasses via AppSource

360 graders overblik over din salgspipeline


Lad data flyde frit mellem virksomhedens forretningssystemer

Vi er specialister i at integrere systemerne

360 graders overblik over din salgspipeline


Skal du opgradere din ERP-løsning

eller har du gamle tilretninger, der maler dig op i et hjørne?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a future-proof ERP solution with an intuitive user interface

Dynamics 365 Business Central helps streamlining your processes within e.g. economics, purchasing, warehousing and production

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been replaced by Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Dynamics 365 Business Central comes with the familiar functionality from Dynamics NAV. However, the focus is on increasing the user-experience, which makes it easier to get started and to use the system. Coherence to other Microsoft products has been established and wizards and guides are now a part of the solution.

Business Central can still be customized to support the needs of your business and Corpital can advise you on the best solution.

Business Central as a ground pillar

Coherence between strategy, business processes and IT systems makes the business stronger with the possibility to operate agile and to be able to make well considered decisions. Business Central is the right ERP system to build the foundation on.

When business systems and applications merges and are tightly integrated, a natural flow of data is generated. This means that necessary data is available. In Business Central, employees can work seamlessly across Dynamics 365 and tools such as Flows and Power BI.

We design solutions with simple and logic datamodels.

Adjustments are still possible

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s strategy is to get the customers into the cloud. Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud solution that is accessed through a web browser. A “traditional client” is no longer installed on your computer.

When you invest in Dynamics 365 Business Central, you get a standard solution. If you need additional functionality, it is still possible to customize the application without compromising the automatic updates from Microsoft.

In other words, you can not change the code of the standard solution, but you can make additions to the system using extensions. Developers can still write a code for custom needs. The only difference is that the adjustments are saved in an ‘extension’ file as an addition and not as a change in the standard solution.

Apps provide extra functionality

Extra functionalities are now available as apps in Microsofts AppSource. here you can find apps that support specific business processes within e.g. finance, sales, operations etc. The app-vendors are responsible for maintaining the app.

As your business evolved it is possible to pick-and-choose and scale up and down according to your need. You only pay for the features you use.

You know the features from your smartphone. Try out a new functionality, add it to your solution in the test environment and test it.

Apps can be added and removed as you please. Any app is isolated from the core standard code and you can safely try out and delete.

Examples of third-party products:

Continia 365 apps for Business Central Cloud:

  • Document Capture 365
  • Payment Management 365
  • Expense Management 365
  • Document Output 365

How do you want to operate your Dynamics 365 Business Central?


The operation of your ERP solution is handled by Microsoft.

The subscription is per. month and only for the actual number of users. This allows you to scale the company’s costs to the ERP system by the number of employees – no matter if you are more or fewer users of Business Central.

In the future, Microsoft will roll out 2 annual major system updates. If you have chosen the Cloud version, the updates are installed automatically.

On Premise

The operation of your ERP solution is handled by yourself. Dynamics 365 Business Central can currently be installed on-premise, ie. on its own server. On-premise gives you – as previously – full control over your data and performance.

Why choose Corpital as your partner?

Corpital offers the implementation, upgrading, support and operation of as well as integration with other IT systems eg. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Navision). We take you from vision to operation.

Choose Corpital as a partner because of:

  • Our exceptional business understanding
  • The many years of experience with Salesforce across industries and IT systems
  • We think in whole solutions – before we think of IT.

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Elmebech – In the “Cloud” with +100 accounts in less than a week.

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